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A UPC & Hospital Clínic joint venture





The origins of FOOXY are to be found in a fruitful collaboration that started in mid-2018 between a group of technology experts at the CRAAX Lab of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and a group of health professionals of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. This work has resulted in FOOXY, a technological solution designed to improve the quality of life of patients using portable oxygen therapy.

FOOXY incorporates breakthrough technologies and state-of-the-art innovations in the fields of edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) resulting in an adaptive, customised and user-friendly solution for the target group of patients.

Following the participation in the “Collider programme” supported by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, FOOXY is currently evolving towards its constitution as a technologicalstart-up in the immediate future.

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FOOXY is designed to be a technological solution covering key areas in the prescription and provision of ambulatory oxygen therapy. Thus, FOOXY provides solutions in the measure of functional capacity, the optimisation of portable oxygen therapy, and the personalisation of physical activity rehabilitation programmes.

Measure of functional capacity

FOOXY includes a smart version of the 6MWT, one of the most popular clinical exercise tests to objectively measure functional capacity in patients with respiratory conditions. The proposed solution designed to maximise the easiness of use, while increasing accuracy, includes hardware and software developments and can be connected to pulsi oximeters within the NONIN family.

Optimized portable oxygen therapy

Based on a smart AI-assisted engine (patent pending), FOOXY adapts oxygen delivery to real-time patients’ needs, thanks to the prediction feature of the expected real oxygen saturation. This makes FOOXY a proactive and patient’s customized solution that facilitates patients’ daily physical activities and improves their health-related quality of life. FOOXY is built upon a continuous data collect & train strategy, designed to model patients’ behavior when facing different usual daily activities.

Personalization of a physical activity program

FOOXY introduces an innovative solution to facilitate patient's behavior monitoring and benchmarking, through a novel routes definition feature. Indeed, the proposed solution identifies and generates ad-hoc characterized routes, individually customized for each patient. FOOXY analytically monitors patients’ behavior when walking on the proposed set of routes, so permitting medical professionals to monitor real-time patient’s behavior and also benchmark patient’s progress to analyze disease evolution.

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